DataSheet Fire Finder

DataSheet Fire Finder

I’m proud to publish my first Firefox extension!

This add-on will help you searching for electronic components datasheets.

A new small search box will be added to your Firefox, where you can type the part number/code of the electronic component. Then the datasheet for that part is searched in background and, if found, the corresponding PDF file is returned in a new window.
It is similar to going to a search engine and search for the datasheet (as we all have done) but it saves you a few steps. That was the motivation for this Add-on: to make things handy.

It’s now nominated to become a public add-on, so I am waiting for Firefox editors review.

This is where you can download and test it:

Oct 22, 2009. UPDATE: After a long waiting, and some fixed issues, the add-on has been approved and is now Public!